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Health is not the only issue; impure water is a major burden on the state as well. A provision of Rs.11000 crore has been made for NRDWP and the rural water supply sector including Rs.1100 crore earmarked for North-Eastern Region and Sikkim. Further, 22% of the total allocation i.e. Rs.2420 crore and 10% amounting to Rs.1100 crore is earmarked for meeting expenditure on Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan respectively for the year 2014-15.

There is an urgent need to look for alternative sources of portable water in places where water quality has deteriorated sharply. Community based water quality monitoring guidelines should be encouraged. People should be encouraged to look at traditional methods of protecting water sources. Also in places where groundwater has arsenic or fluoride, surface water should be considered as an alternative. Providing access to clean, safe water helps capable and determined people realize the hope they have for their own futures.

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