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Our community has the means to clean and provide water to us. But in  many parts of the world, people don't have this luxury. The lack of clean water leads to many health and social problems.

Water touches all aspects of life. Without reliable sources of water, farmers can’t grow crops to sell or to feed their families. Women and children must often travel miles each day to collect water, taking precious time from work and school. Dirty drinking water is a constant threat to people coping with poverty and disaster.

Jal Jeevan is an initiative that is involved in setting up Water ATMs in Rural India to try and provide clean, purified drinking water to local village residents.
Water is precious because life cannot exist without it. Life was born as a result of water, from plants to animals to humans. Despite Earth’s appearance of watery abundance, less than one percent of the water on Earth is actually fresh and usable. Nature’s water-recycling process, known as the water cycle, has kept the amount of water on Earth about the same for millions of years. All living things depend on water for survival. Plants need water to make food and grow. Many animals and plants live in water. People need water for drinking, cooking, bathing, transportation, recreation, and for growing crops and making products. Without water, there would be no food to eat, no clothes to wear, and no toys to play with. In fact, our bodies are all made of water. Without water, we wouldn’t exist!

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